Kristian Gali is educated in many things pertaining to life. He persued education at both Utah Valley University as well as DIxie State University, where he found that the best university was life itself. from 2010 - 2020 he learned that he could could find the information all around to create a sustainable income in website development and systems programming. As a result, Kristian has been a part of business ownership within this field.

Kristian's work was recognized by Aramsco when he submitted his first developed application into the IOS and Android store called Interlink Supply and has been downloaded over 500+ times.

Kristian has worked as an S.E.O analyst for Orangesoda, Deluxe, Xurli, and Blusuit. Kristian has also worked on magento api and css development for NuEthic on a number of projects.

Kristian currently studies Jamstack development in Gatsby JS, Blockchain development with Blockstack, and mobile app development with Ionic JS.

Though development and technologies have been an essential role in Kristian's life, he has also been a member of many different sales teams including: Apex Alarms (Now Vivent), Elite, Star Satellite, and NOW communications. Many of these sales teams were door-to-door teams.

Most of Kristian's labor work stems from the warehouse, construction, woodworking, and shipping & receiving industry.

Though this work experience has gotten Kristian to a point from which he could start KGali Inc, the most important work he has been involved in this lifetime is working as a father to his children.